We have an advisory board of experienced individuals and groups who support the work of The 1752 Group by providing specific expertise on a range of issues relating to staff-to-student sexual misconduct in higher education. The composition of the board will continue to develop over time.

We recognise there are community organisations, groups and individuals established and doing amazing, necessary work. We are keen to connect either through an advisory board role or through formal/informal reciprocal partnerships and networks.

Our advisory board members currently include:

Dr Sara Ahmed, independent feminist scholar and writer

Dr Emma Chapman, Imperial College London

Hareem Ghani, NUS Women’s Officer

Sarah Green, End Violence Against Women

Professor Anahid Kassabian

Katya Nasim, co-founder of Brick Lane Debates, a grassroots political network committed to principles of autonomy, diversity and social justice

Kathryn Nawrockyi, Business in the Community

Dr Ann Olivarius, Senior Partner, McAllister Olivarius

Dr Jane Osmond, Coventry University

Dr Alison Phipps, University of Sussex

Dr Jenny Saul, University of Sheffield

Dr Vanita Sundaram, University of York

Dr Leila Whitley, University of Konstanz