The 1752 Group was established in response to the need for the UK higher education sector to address staff-to-student sexual misconduct.

We work with UK higher education organisations to help them prevent staff-to-student sexual misconduct and harassment, and to support them to respond appropriately to such issues when they arise.

Our work includes assisting organisations to develop policy and response frameworks for incidents of harassment and misconduct that occur within their institutions.

We provide consulting, training, lobbying, and research services.

We are committed to:

  • UK-wide sexual misconduct policy implementation

The 1752 Group is lobbying for robust and effective policy and procedures to be implemented across higher education nationally for the reporting and prevention of sexual misconduct by academic staff and professional services employees.

  • Building research on sexual misconduct and exploitation in higher education

Research and data on the prevalence and impact of staff-to-student misconduct in the UK is limited. The 1752 Group is developing research and case studies to provide data on the prevalence and impact of sexual exploitation within higher education, in order to inform the development of best practice guidelines within the sector.

  • Providing consulting services for institutions

We provide consultancy and training for institutions, students’ unions, and trades unions within higher education. This includes working with university management, HR and academic departments to develop best practices in dealing with disclosure and reporting of sexual misconduct and exploitation, as well as how to support students who have experienced this.