National survey on staff sexual misconduct

Our groundbreaking national survey into staff sexual misconduct in UK HE, in partnership with the National Union of Students’ Women’s Campaign, is open now until midnight 15 January 2018.

If you are a current UK higher education student, please fill out the survey here. It is open to all genders.

If you attended a UK higher education institution in the past, and experienced any form of sexual misconduct, we would also like you to fill out the survey, regardless of when you left university, and regardless of whether you reported the misconduct or not, or how serious you think it was. For more information see here.

The 1752 Group

The 1752 Group is a UK-based research and lobby organisation working to end staff-to-student sexual misconduct in higher education.

Nowhere in the world is there adequate knowledge and research on the prevalence and impact of staff sexual misconduct in higher education.

We work at a national level to educate and lobby for change in the UK higher education sector by drawing attention to the complexity and impact of staff sexual misconduct and proposing solutions to address these issues.

The group forms partnerships and works in collaboration with academics, student unions, support services experts, universities and national organisations to conduct research that will lead to the development of best practice guidelines for the higher education sector.

Strategic Priorities

We have six key priorities for addressing staff sexual misconduct. Read our strategic priorities for the higher education sector.

Working with universities

We assist universities to develop preventive strategies, policy and response frameworks for incidents of sexual misconduct that occur within their institutions, and make sure their students are  supported. We partner with organisations who offer expertise in institutional culture change.

We are committed to:

  • Developing research on sexual misconduct in higher education

Research and data on the prevalence and impact of staff-to-student sexual misconduct in the UK is extremely limited. The 1752 Group is partnering with sector experts and organisations to develop qualitative and quantitative research that will help inform the development of best practice guidelines within the sector.

  • UK-wide sexual misconduct policy implementation

The 1752 Group is lobbying for robust and effective policy and procedures to be implemented across higher education nationally for the specific recording, reporting and prevention of sexual misconduct by all university staff.