The Silencing Students Report

Front Cover of Silencing Students Report

Institutional responses to staff sexual misconduct in UK higher education 

(Sept 2018)

Key Findings

This report explores institutional responses to sexual misconduct carried out by academic staff in higher education. It draws on data from interviews with students and early career academics across 14 UK higher education institutions. It includes an analysis of 61 policies relating to staff sexual misconduct from a sample of 25 UK institutions. The report includes The 1752 Group recommendations and priorities for institutions and the sector.

  • Interviews with 16 students and early career academics across 14 UK higher education institutions
  • All but four of the staff members engaging in sexual misconduct were reported by interviewees to have targeted at least one other woman
  • Analysis of 61 policies relating to staff sexual misconduct from a sample of 25 UK institutions
  • Only one member of staff lost his job after being reported for sexual misconduct

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