The 1752 Group Strategic Priorities on Staff-Student Sexual Misconduct

27 February 2017

These are our strategic priorities for the higher education sector in the UK to begin to address staff-student sexual misconduct. They are not listed in order, but need to be enacted together as part of an overall, wide-ranging and comprehensive approach to this issue.

These priorities are a living document and are intended to generate discussion and dialogue. We welcome feedback from those working in the sector on related issues.

Read the full description of the strategic priorities here.

1. Implement an enforceable national code of conduct that clarifies professional boundaries. Address the issue of staff/student relationships directly within institutions.

2. Develop a reporting and complaints process for sexual misconduct/assault, which is sensitive to race/gender identity/sexuality/ability/undisclosed mental health issues.

3. Establish an independent national office for sexual misconduct advocacy and support, with specialist sexual misconduct advisors located within each institution.

4. Ensure all institutions record data and make publicly available reports on all allegations of sexual misconduct.

5. Address the long-term impact of staff sexual misconduct on those who experience it.

6. Implement comprehensive sector-wide and institution-level cultural change.

Further sector initiatives needed:

Instigate a national conversation on disciplinary procedures for staff members moving between institutions and data sharing across institutions.

Read the full description of the strategic priorities here.