Our Team

Dr Anna Bull – Director of Research

Dr Anna Bull is a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Portsmouth and a founding member of The 1752 Group. Her research focuses on gender and class inequalities in music education and higher education. She led on work with the National Union of Students on behalf of The 1752 Group in producing the report ‘Power in the Academy: staff sexual misconduct in UK higher education’ in April 2018. She is lead author on the report produced by The 1752 Group ‘Silencing Students: Institutional responses to staff sexual misconduct in UK higher education’, published in September 2018.

Dr Emma Chapman – Director of Advocacy and Campaigns

Dr Emma Chapman is a Royal Society Research Fellow in astrophysics, based at Imperial College London. Aside from her scientific research, Emma has worked with individual institutions and the Institute of Physics to ensure the problem of bullying and harassment within STEM is taken seriously, for example through the gender equality accreditation JUNO. She is an active commentator in the media on subjects such as gender bias within STEM and works actively to improve workplace culture in academia. She is the 2018 recipient of the Royal Society Athena Prize for “driving nationally impactful policy changes concerning sexual harassment issues in higher education”.

Dr Tiffany Page – Director of Policy and Consultancy

Dr Tiffany Page is a lecturer in sociology of media and higher education at the UCL Institute of Education and a founding member of The 1752 Group. Tiffany’s research interests include vulnerability, social inequalities and institutional change. Tiffany trained as an industrial and organisational psychologist and has worked as an organisational change consultant in both New Zealand and Singapore, specialising in large-scale change management implementations and industry focused training across a range of areas. Tiffany has extensive experience in project management, staff sexual misconduct case work, student advocacy, workshop and event organisation and facilitation, and has published on the complexities of addressing staff-to-student sexual misconduct within higher education.

Dr Adrija Dey – Director of International Knowledge Exchange

Dr Adrija Dey is currently a Lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Sussex. She was previously a British Academy post-doctoral research fellow at the SOAS Department of Development Studies. Her research is titled Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Indian Universities: A Study of Campus Life, Student Activism, and Institutional Responses. Her research is interdisciplinary in nature and draws from media, gender studies, politics, and development studies specifically looking at feminist digital activism, activist media practices, cyberconflict and surveillance, social movements, SGBV, intersectionality and decolonising methodologies. She has been vocal campaigner against SGBV in Higher Education and part of campaigns such as Account for This. She is also a political activist organising with anti-capitalist and anti-fascist groups from a feminist, internationalist and intersectional ideological perspective.

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