The 1752 Group offer a bespoke consultancy service for your institution, union or organisation

The 1752 Group has been providing consultancy services to organisations since 2015.

Contact Us to discuss workshops, presentations, training or consultation on policies.

Our sector guidance has been adopted by the ‘gold standard’ accreditation scheme for assessing the work done by universities to look after their students’ safety, security and wellbeing: ProtectEd. If your institution needs help to implement the recommendations, we are here to support you.

The 1752 Group consultancy and training packages are paid services, in order to fund our advocacy and research work. If you are an activist organisation, these fees will be waived.

As we are the authors of the guidance, you can guarantee the best service, along with input from the guidance co-authors, the leading law firm in this area, McAllister Olivarius.

* Logos do not represent endorsement or ongoing partnership