Sector Guidance

11 March 2020

In partnership with law firm McAllister Olivarius we have published:

The 1752 Group and McAllister Olivarius Sector Guidance to Address Staff Sexual Misconduct in UK HE

This guidance provides detailed recommendations for higher education institutions processing student complaints and makes key recommendations during the main steps within the end-to-end procedure:

A. Initial submission of complaint and risk assessment
B. The Investigation
C. The decision-making procedure
D. The review process
E. Confidentiality of outcomes and protection of the complainant
F. Data recording and management

The guidance is free to download on the link above.

We have written a comment piece on WonkHE to accompany the guidance.

The Guidance is accompanied by our briefing notes published by The 1752 Group and McAllister Olivarius.

It is listed by the Office for Students as a resource for addressing sexual misconduct. It is also listed by Combat Misconduct, a project supported by Universities UK, as part of their ‘investigations’ toolkit. It has been adopted by the ‘gold standard’ accreditation scheme for assessing the work done by universities to look after their students’ safety, security and wellbeing: ProtectEd.