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Here you will find media articles featuring our work as well as media releases and opinion pieces by The 1752 Group.

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Co-founder Dr Anna Bull talks on TRT World about the increasing debate and discussion of sexual harassment occurring across different sectors.

An interview with co-founder Dr Tiffany Page by London School of Economics and Political Science Equity, Diversity and Inclusion on the work and priorities of The 1752 Group. Published 6 November 2017.


The Sociological Review Podcast

The Undisciplining Sessions: Episode 2: Ending staff to student sexual misconduct in Higher Education. January 2019.

Report It. Stop It: how can reports of sexual harassment and sexual violence change the culture. Hosted by the London School of Economics and Political Science. Recorded on 16 October 2017.

Listen here.

The event write up can be found here.

Speakers: Dr Jennifer Cirone, Winnie Li, Dr Tiffany Page, Professor Alison Phipps, Fiona Waye
Chair: Dr Marsha Henry

Media releases

First ever national survey launched to investigate staff sexual misconduct in higher education, 17 November 2017

National Union of Students and The 1752 Group announce action into staff-student sexual misconduct in higher education, 7 March 2017

The 1752 Group Press release on the Universities UK Report taskforce on violence against women, harassment and hate crime in universities, 20 October 2016

Opinion pieces

Read our Guardian comment piece on the launch of The 1752 Group/McAllister Olivarius sector guidance on staff sexual misconduct in UK higher education, 13 March 2020

Opinion Piece on NUS/1752 Staff Sexual Misconduct Survey, Guardian, 4 April 2018

Why We Need To Address Staff Sexual Misconduct In Higher Education, Huffington Post, 7 March 2017

Bringing the HE sector up to date on staff-to-student sexual misconduct,
written for ProtectED, 3 February 2017

Staff-to-student sexual harassment must be tackled urgently, WonkHE, 21 September 2016

In this opinion piece Anna Bull lays out the importance of the Universities UK taskforce and others within the sector addressing staff sexual misconduct, and recommendations from The 1752 Group.

Media featuring The 1752 Group

British universities spend £87m ‘gagging staff’, The Times, 18 April 2019

Victoria Derbyshire interview featuring Dr Emma Chapman speaking about NDAs and her experience of staff sexual misconduct, 17 April 2019

UK universities face ‘gagging order’ criticism, BBC, 17 April 2019

We must remove the veil of silence’: Here’s why activists say universities’ use of NDA ‘gagging orders’ shouldn’t be tolerated, iNews, 17 April 2019

Professor ‘had breasts fondled at parties’ by fellow academics, The Times, 17 November 2017

National Union of Students to investigate sexual harassment by staff at British universities, ITV News, 17 November 2017

NUS launches investigation into sexual harassment at universities, Manchester Evening News, 17 November 2017

Sexual misconduct in academia: A culture in denial? Times Higher Education, 16 November 2017

Bias, stereotyping and harassment: what women battle,, 28 July 2017

More universities must confront sexual harassment, Nature journal, 26 July 2017

Cultural change is needed to tackle sexual harassment on campus, The Guardian, 20 July 2017

Goldsmiths paid almost £200k compensation over sexual harassment claims, Evening Standard, 7 March 2017

Calls for action by universities on ‘epidemic’ of harassment on campus, Guardian, 6 March, 2017

New sexual harassment claims at Goldsmiths spark calls for inquiry, Guardian, 6 March 2017

Sexual harassment ‘at epidemic levels’ in UK universities, Guardian, 5 March 2017

Sexual abuse and harassment by university staff against students – further work to address the issue, Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive, Universities UK, 3 February 2017

What will happen in higher education in 2017?, Guardian, 5 January 2017

Sexual harassment panel condemns ‘culture of condoning’, Varsity, 5 December 2016

Universities Told To Take “A Zero-Tolerance Approach” To Sexual Violence on Campus, BuzzFeed News, 21 October 2016

Universities must offer ‘joined-up’ response on harassment and abuse, Times Higher Education, 21 October 2016

Universities are making radical new changes to how they deal with rape, Broadly, 21 October 2016

Why do we forget that university staff also harass students? By Dr Ann Olivarius, Medium, 21 October 2016. Follow @AnnOlivarius

Zero tolerance to sexual violence required on campus, University World News, 21 October 2016

This article raises crucial issues relating to the circulation of academic staff and the extreme difficulties students have in making complaints within institutions.